Cocoon Tap Tap Shape Sorter

Cocoon Tap Tap Shape Sorter

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The Cocoon Tap Tap and Shape Sorter is a funky ball and hammer game with a traditional shape sorter on the reverse and underside. The tap tap game consists of 3 coloured balls that are gently knocked with the hammer until they fall through the holes allowing your child to develop dexterity and skill while having fun! Once you're done, simply pull them out from the tray below and set them up ready to go again.

There are two shape sorter activities to choose from and both are an ideal first shape sorting toy from the age of 12 months. With the game right way up, you can match each shape with it's corresponding colour and shape painted on the front panel, assisting with which hole to push the shapes through. Flip it upside down and the base becomes a sorting board to place the shapes in their corresponding, colour-coded slots. Shape sorters encourage associative learning, concentration and motor skills. Made from environmentally friendly FSC wood and painted in muted contemporary colours, the Cocoon Tap Tap and Shape Sorter is one of several items in the Janod Cocoon range.

All Janod toys are designed in France and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements. Janod are dedicated to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable toys.

Dimensions: 29cm x 13cm x 16cm

Age Range: 1 - 3 years


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