Chocolate Brown Snakes

Chocolate Brown Snakes

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These chocolate brown snakes are SO dangerous, they're addictive! Fruity, tangy, jelly snakes rolled by hand in pure delicious chocolate.

Handmade in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW

Size: each bag contains 4 chocolate coated snakes. Individual snakes vary from 10-14g weight, approximately 60-80gm net of total goodness

Chocolate ingredients: Vanillin, Cocoa Mass 11.5%, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder, Emulsifier, Soy, Leicithin.

Jelly Snake ingredients: Glucose Syrup (Wheat or Corn), Cane Sugar, Gelatine, Thickener (1401 or 1420, Wheat), Food Acid (Citrus), Flavours, Colours (120, 163, 141, 160C, 100). 


about us.

We're a small, family owned and operated local business based in the Blue Mountains. Everything at Bobby Sox is tried and tested either by us.

We know the toys are quality because we've played with them, we know the gourmet treats are delicious because we taste test, and we know the cushions are beautiful *and* functional...because we've sat on them.

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