Chai Dust
Chai Dust

Chai Dust

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Mixed Bag Chai Dust is the perfect pairing to that hot mug of chai. A blend of rich, unrefined Organic Panela Sugar and the perfect medley of ground spice. Sprinkle some Chai Dust on top of your brew to bring out that flavour for something extra special.


Ingredients -

Organic Panela Sugar, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Fennel, Clove, Love.


Nutritional Information -

Serving size: 2g / Servings per pack: 25
Av. per / Serve / 100g
Energy / 30kJ / 1480kJ
Protein / 0.1g / 2.9g
Fat, total / 0.0g / 2.2g
- saturated / 0.0g / 0.2g
Carbs / 1.6g / 80.8g
- sugars / 1.2g / 60.8g
Sodium / 1mg / 31mg


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