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Does your little lady have a BFF? A friendship so adorable that you have to hold in your squeals when they’re together?

A relationship like that needs the PERFECT gift. Yeah sure, there’ll be others at the birthday party with their run-of-the-mill department store toys, and that’s fine.

But you’re not them. You need to win.

You need the BFF box. A combination of No Nasties play makeup, and Little Makeup Lovers PRETEND makeup (pretend = not real. A toy. Nothing to apply, just for make believe.)

PLEASE NOTE WELL - The Little Makeup Lovers is women's grade casings but NO REAL MAKEUP. No powder or liquid in them at all. They are no mess, pretend play.

BFF Box includes:

No Nasties Kids

1 Limited Edition Natural Gold Eyeshadow
1 No Nasties Kids Natural Blush in dusty pink
2 No Nasties Kids nail sticker sheets
1 Limited Edition flat brush applicator
Little Makeup Lovers

1 Pretend No Liquid Mascara
1 Pretend No Makeup Lipstick in pink
1 Pretend No Powder 4 Palette Eyeshadow in glittery purple, gold, silver and pink

All in a custom cosmetic bag and packaged in a gorgeous gift ready BFF Box.

Weight 200g
Dimensions 20cm x 14cm x 4cm


about us.

We're a small, family owned and operated local business based in the Blue Mountains. Everything at Bobby Sox is tried and tested either by us.

We know the toys are quality because we've played with them, we know the gourmet treats are delicious because we taste test, and we know the cushions are beautiful *and* functional...because we've sat on them.

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