Balancing Flamingo Game
Balancing Flamingo Game
Balancing Flamingo Game

Balancing Flamingo Game

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We love this large family of flamingos! This lovely balance game made of solid wood (cherry wood for the coloured pieces and beech wood for the natural pieces) will provide you with great family moments!

It is accessible from 3 years old and is easy to understand: all you have to do is to correctly place the 10 baby flamingos on the removable wings of the pink flamingo without making them fall. The one who puts the extra baby flamingo on the wings of the flamingo and makes the big bird fall over loses!

This game will allow your child to develop his motor skills and logic while discovering the world of group games, allowing him/her to develop many of the faculties that are essential to life in society, such as managing his/her emotions and cooperation. But, let's face it, it's easier to lose when faced with such a cute game! The game is decorated with water-based paint.

All Janod toys are designed in France and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements.

Materials: Wood (beech and cherry wood)
Dimensions: 26 cm x 14 cm x 19 cm
Age Range: 3+


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