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Our website launches soon, sign up below to be the first to shop our window - and if you just can't wait, pop us a message through Instagram @bobbysoxshop and we'll sort you out!

Oh hi there! 👋

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you have FAQs when you haven't even opened yet?
We guessed. 💁‍♀️

Why don't you know when you'll open?
We're locked down and at the mercy of Gladys, the general public and the bug. So when we know, you'll know... you know? Pop your email in the form above and we'll get in touch.

Do I know you from somewhere?
Bobby Sox is our Leura store, Toot Sweet (in the picture up there), relocated to Springwood with a brand new name, because no one could wrap their heads around us not being a lolly shop.

But what if we're locked down forever?
Uhm. Can you not? Our online store will shift from Toot Sweet to Bobby Sox super soon with free delivery to locals from Blackheath to Glenbrook. We'll put all the pretty things in the windows so you can window shop, then shop online and #supportlocal.

What's with the name Bobby Sox?
Bobby socks are super short socks from the 50's. Bobby Sox is a much beloved and sadly departed pet who had fluffy white fur around her ankles. And, it can't be confused with a lolly shop. Sweet doesn't just mean sugar you guys (we'll let it go eventually).

What do you sell?
All of the things. Seriously. We're like a tiny department store of unique gifts and fun things you want for yourself. Candles that smell like birthday cake? Tick! Salted caramel fairy floss? Tick. Newborn gifts? Tick. Novelty socks? Are you even a shop in Australia if you don't stock novelty socks? Tick...obviously.

See you as soon as Gladys says it's cool, friends. Or, see you online - whichever comes first!

192 Macquarie Road Springwood NSW 2777